Needless to say, Communicating confidently is the secret of living a happy and successful life.

  • Do you speak English confidently?
  • Do you speak in English every time you have an opportunity to do so, or do you shy away?
  • Do you start conversations in English and then switch to a language you are more comfortable with?
  • How often have you been in a situation where you knew what you wanted to say but couldn't find the right words?

Now, speaking English with confidence is easy. An English Speaking Course from PACE EDUCATIONZ is designed to help you speak the English language clearly and confidently. Because communicating confidently is the stepping-stone to success.

Our course is designed to create the opportunity for students, professionals, housewives, businessmen and everyone to become attentive listeners and gradually articulate speakers.

Course contents


Present Simple



Mother Tongue Influence

Present Continuous


Parts of Speech

Present Perfect Tense


Use of was/were

Past Simple

Past Simple Negative

Used to


too / either / neither

Answer with So


Active / Passive

Presentation Skills

General Questions

General Conversation



Present Simple Negative



Global Accent

Telephonic Conversation

Free Speech

Interview Skills

Soft Skills


Group Discussion


Rate of Speech

Boosting Confidence



Mock Calls

Personality Development


Fog Horns


Role Plays

Thought Process

Mind Mapping

A lot more


Pace Educationz is committed for quality tutoring at an affordable cost. Here is our general fees structure (For specialized courses - Fees would differ as per Number of Hours and faculty experience)


No of classes/week
1 Month
4 days - 1 hour
Rs. 6,500
Basic with Practical
1 - 2 Months
4 days - 1 hour
Rs. 8,500
No of classes/week
1 - 2 Months
4 days - 1 hour
Rs. 15,500
Basic + Advance
1 - 3 Months
4 days - 1 hour
No of classes/week
Level 1 + Level 2
3 - 6 Months
4 days - 1 hour
Rs. 25,000
3 - 6 Months
4 days - 1 hour
Rs. 55,000


What is English and it’s History?

Arrival of three Germanic tribes in 5th Century AD gave birth to this incredible language English in Britain. The Angles who came from "Englaland" and their language was called "Englisc" - from which these words "England" and "English" are derived and came into existence. English during that time was called Old English and it doesn’t sound like today’s English.


How to have outstanding command over English?

Spoken English is always been a challenge for beginners if they are not aware about proper grammar and vocabulary. It needs regular practice with determination to learn and not as a burden or task. You may take learning as your hobby or to impress the world. This way, it will give pace to learning entire process of Spoken English Language. A person should have world of word power with maximum vocabulary words to translate your ideas at ease. Vocabulary will make your speech more fluent and accurate. You can’t translate English directly from your native language to English Language because it might make sentence incorrect with poor subject verb agreement. Basic grammar and tenses are significantly important to have outstanding sentence formation. It isn’t required to have deep knowledge of parts of speeches to have fluent English, but a common sense strikes your language to the message which you want to deliver. In the beginning, make complete sentence to understand rules, however with time you may cut short your sentence to make it a common street language. When people speak bookish language, it sound awkward but a normal speech sounds excellent.


How will we help you to improve your English?

If you want to achieve success in your endeavors & want to make big difference to your happiness then Learn English with Accent. We Pace Educationz at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi will work on your Fluency, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar, Personality Development and other important ingredients. Excellent communication is important for all us in every phase of our lives be it our friend circle, relatives, education, our career or any other situation. Therefore, if you have answered “yes” to the above concerns, then how will you solve the problem? The answer is to know English language better because, Better language leads to Better communication leads to awesome Confidence. Needless to say, if you are able to communicating confidently, it becomes a secret of living delightful and successful life. Speaking English with confidence is easy. English Speaking Course at Pace Education is designed to help you speak English language smoothly and confidently because communicating properly is the stepping-stone to success. Course at Pace Education is designed to create opportunity for students, professionals, housewives and everyone to become attentive listeners and gradually spectacular speakers. This course will strengthen your weak links. To develop your speaking skills at Pace Education:

1. You will be taught to speak in front of a group of people.
2. You will be part of all group discussions, debates.
3. You will be involved in situational role plays to gain confidence
4. You will be involved in speak-a-minute speeches to improve you flow


Pace Educationz provides awesome quality coaching for English Speaking Course. This Institute has been running successfully for many years. English nowadays has become an epitome of anyone’s personality and gives a spectacular and remarkable business. You need good communication skills in all kind of businesses and Jobs. You feel more delightful when you see your children speaking excellent English. During Interviews companies look forward for qualification later, first they opt to choose candidate with awesome communication and presentation skills. We have designed this course in such a way, that it becomes super simple for everyone to understand and speak English efficiently. No wonder if you are a student, professional, businessmen, housewife, servant or any other human being, this course will definitely give a marvelous change to your skills. The director and full time employees take charge of entire process of making you an effervescent communicator. They will teach you to improve your vocabulary with few simple tricks which will give a big difference to your language. English has always been the best way of communicating and leaving a delightful impression. The magical words which are taught to improve your Vocabulary can help you to savor the fruits of success better.


Pace Educationz is a renowned Institute at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. We teach incredible techniques to understand English Language to the core. Faculties at our institute are with ample practical experience. There are many students who have given marvelous change to their personality. Our course helps you to be eloquent with your sentence formation. Each passing day you will be more passionate to learn. At the end, you will understand the difference between grammar, tenses, present, past and future tenses. To come out from sluggish way of communication be in touch with us..